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Frequently Asked Questions

    CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY Terms and Conditions Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By payment of class/workshop you are agreeing to the Following Terms & Conditions. - If a workshop is cancelled by Make Your Own Cosmetics - due to insufficient numbers, illness or natural disaster etc, the participants ("you") will be offered a full refund, a reschedule or a credit. - Make Your Own Cosmetics will endeavour to inform all participants of a new venue or other changes at least 48hrs prior to the workshop if possible. - If a participant wishes to cancel their place 3 days prior to commencement of a workshop, they may do so however a $50 administration fee will apply. - The participants will be offered a reschedule or refund on any monies paid (minus the administration charge). - If a participant wishes to cancel their place less than 3 days prior to commencement of a workshop, they may do so but in favour of reschedule or refund on any monies paid (minus the administration charge) only . - If a participant would like to transfer a workshop to someone else, you must do so in writing no later than 7 days prior or you may have to forfeit your booking and all fees paid. - Credit can only be completed once within 6 months of the original workshop date and can be used on any of Make Your Own Cosmetics workshops of same or greater value. - Any balance difference must be paid by the participant. - If the participant fails to attend the subsequent workshop to which they have transferred their credit to or the 6 months expires, they will forfeit all fees. - For any further information you may require it is best to contact us –
    INTERNATIONAL ORDERS If you wish to order our products and your country is not on the list below, please send us an email to and we can organise shipping on request. DIY NAIL POLISH KITS - we can’t ship any nail polish outside Australia due to dangerous goods shipping restrictions. All other products can be shipped to the following countries . .CANADA .INDIA .MALAYSIA .NEW ZEALAND .NIGERIA .SINGAPORE .SRI LANKA .SAUDI ARABIA .UNITED STATES .UNITED KINGDOM .UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Customs Duties and Taxes will assessed by your government and it will be your responsibility to pay custom charges if any. Make Your Own Cosmetics does not mark international shipments as “GIFT”, nor will we compromise our integrity by making false statements regarding the contents of your package. Make Your Own Cosmetics has no control over the amount of time your package takes to clear customs in your country. DELIVERY INFO All goods must be paid for prior to dispatch All orders will be processed within 2-5 days. All Orders will be delivered via Australia Postal Service which includes tracking and with or without signature on delivery options.
    PRIVACY POLICY Information shared with us will remain strictly confidential. Make Your Own Cosmetics is committed to protecting your privacy. Our website has secure "SSL security" certificate which is the industry standard method to send sensitive information in a highly encrypted form across the Internet. EXCHANGE / RETURN POLICY Because of the nature of our product, we do not accept returns. However we accept returns only if it's our fault of sending you a wrong product in that case it should be reurned within 7 days. Please feel free to email us with any questions before or after you purchase at PAYMENT OPTIONS All goods must be paid for prior to dispatch All orders will be processed within 2-5 days. Payment can be made either by Paypal ,credit card via Paypal. PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address. You don't have to register to use their services. But we do recommend you register your details (including Credit Card details) with PayPal. All this information sent to PayPal is secure - all the data is encrypted so that even if intercepted by anyone while passing across the Internet, the information cannot be extracted. Only PayPal can decipher the data. PayPal uses "SSL security" which is the industry standard method to send sensitive information in a highly encrypted form across the Internet.
    We love it when our customers want to learn more about what they're putting on their skin. Here you'll find the complete ingredient list for everything we make. Pure, simple, good stuff! • No Parabens • No Chemicals • No Gluten • No Dyes • No Nanoparticles Still, unless you're a geologist familiar with the minerals in nature, you may find some terms unfamiliar. We've done our best to offer a description. Bismuth oxychloride (BOC) to provide shimmer, but for some people it can be a serious skin and respiratory irritant. Ferric Ferrocyanide : an inorganic mineral salt used to provide a rich blue color. Cosmetic-grade ferric ferrocyanide is approved for use on the eyes and face Iron Oxides : inorganic compounds created from purified, oxidized iron. Iron oxides range in shade from yellow to red, brown and black. Kaolin : a hydrated aluminum silicate, also known as china clay. It's very pure, soft and matte, and is highly prized for its gently absorptive properties and lustrous feel. Mica : an inorganic, colorless silicate mineral that provides luster and adhesion. We use mica in most of our cosmetics for its luxurious silkiness and subtly reflective properties. It's available in many grades, some known as “sericite” or matte, that range in textures from matte to shimmery. Titanium Dioxide : a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, generally used as a pigment. Cosmetics grades are extremely pure and highly prized as an effective nonchemical sunscreen. Ultramarines : a blue inorganic mineral pigment composed of complex sodium aluminum sulfosilicates. Zinc Oxide : an inorganic chemical compound found in nature as zincite. Refined zinc oxide is used in cosmetics as a white pigment, and is highly prized as a nonchemical sunscreen. It is also regarded as anti-microbial and anti- inflammatory .
  • Do mineral cosmetics work for all skin types?
    Yes. If you are prone to breaking out, have sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities or even Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome (CIS),the gentle minerals in our cosmetics are likely to be beneficial. In addition, minerals form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin rather than cross the dermal barrier as some liquid cosmetics do. Mineral makeup works well for both oily and dry skin, so your skin can breath. For those with sensitive skin be sure to do a PATCH TEST . Apply a small amount of the product to the inner wrist or behind the ear. Only apply if your skin shows no sign of irritaion.
  • Can I mix my mineral powders?
    Yes. One of the delights of making mineral cosmetics is their versatility. You can customize your colors by simply combining them.Tweak a product by adding a little bit of another shade and customize your eye colors as desired.The possibilities are endless! This is a great way to play with your pigments as well.
  • Who can use Make Your Own Cosmetics Kits?
    - Makeup lovers - Women of all age groups - Any skin type - DIY enthusiasts - Makeup crafters
  • Why make your own Cosmetics?
    Make Your Own Cosmetics are created without the use of chemical ingredients such as talc, alcohol, perfumes, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances and is not tested on animals. By handcrafting your own makeup you know exactly what ingredients are used and also you get to personalize your products to suite your needs.
  • Do your products contain gluten?
    None whatsoever.
  • Are mineral cosmetics natural?
    All ingredients used in our kits are created from natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully refined in laboratories to very specific standards set by the FDA and the European Cosmetic Directive. We only use pigments that are free of dyes and other additives. Our titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are pure untreated minerals. We always choose the very purest ingredients available for our products.
  • What is Mineral Makeup?
    Mineral makeup is formed when minerals found in the earth’s crust are crushed into fine powders that are then processed and micronized,giving rise to a wide variety of natural colors, perfect for cosmetic use. As it doesn't require artificial coloring or preservatives, it is the purest and most natural form of cosmetics available on the market today, and has been used by our ancestors for many centuries before us. Unlike conventional cosmetics, true mineral cosmetics do not contain any toxins or cheap fillers, and are high in Titanium Dioxide acts as a sun screen and Zinc -whose anti-inflammatory properties make them suitable for skin conditions such as acne prone skin, rosacea, and eczema. Dermatologists and cosmetologists even recommend the safe use of mineral cosmetics after surgery, laser, micro-dermabrasion and other beauty treatments. Mineral makeup can be referred as “makeup with meaning”. With its numerous skin benefits, mineral makeup is not just make up but is considered to be an extension of skin care.
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