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Now you can make your own  custom blended, trendy, safe, and ultra-moisturizing lip glosses in the comfort of your own home! 


  • Everything you need to make your own lip glosses
  • Lip safe Flavour Oil - to add more flavour to your gloss 
  • Nourishing ingredients that help keep lips feeling soft, plump, and moisturised  all day long


With this kit  now you can custom blend  6 unique tubes of high-quality lip gloss. Includes Versagel /  lip gloss gel base that provides an excellent lip-softening moisture barrier. Eachflavour oil provides a unique finishing effect and can be used alone, or mixed with others. With the included  oil, you are free to control the texture, reduce stickiness, and the adjust the feel of your final product. Comes with enough material to experiment with color combinations on a palette or paper plate before committing to a full tube. Great for rainy day activities, DIY-ers, gifting, and even small entrepreneurs! 


  • Instruction Sheet
  • Recipe Cards
  • 6 x empty 5ml lip gloss tubes 
  • 6 x reducer / wiper inserts
  • 100ml x Lip Gloss Base
  • 10ml x Fractionated Coconut Oil
  •  Lip Flavour Oil 

 - Strawberry

 - Honey Suckle

 - Mixed Berry

  • 6 x Piping Bags ( to fill lip gloss tubes )
  • 6 x Mixing Cups
  • 6 x Spatula


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