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Preservative Cap-2 ( 50 ML )

Preservative Cap-2  is recommended for oil-based products. For water based products we recommend Preservative Cap-5 instead.

Shake well before adding.

This broad-spectrum preservative is a OIL miscible, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free product which preserves against a variety of nasties and protecting your cosmetic product.

In Lip Products:

When using Cap 2 for the first time be sure to test with a small batch.Normally in lip products, and depends on the water level in your formula (if there is any), 0.8-1.0% should be sufficient in preserving your product.

In a Pressed Powder:
We recommend you add the preservative to the Press Plus liquid binder at a use level of 0.1% - 0.2% by weight. You do not need as much preservative in a pressed powder simply because there is no water phase in a pressed powder. Also, as this preservative is based on the alcohol Phenoxyethanol, there is a chance of irritation if used in pressed eye shadows.


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